Digital Music Distribution Stores

OFFICIAL JOINTZ Music Distribution puts your music in the most popular digital stores around the world like iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, Spotify, and more. In fact, we partner with over 150 digital stores. Below are just some of our top store partners.

Sell Your Music Online

The largest music store on planet Earth is now available in over 100 countries to anyone with a computer, iPad or iPhone.OFFICIAL JOINTZ is a Preferred iTunes Music Aggregator.
NEW:Now you can set up an iTunes pre-order.Strength: Ubiquity. You can reach over a hundred million people.
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Strength: Reach. With a reach of one billion unique users monthly, YouTube Music Key gives you the power to connect with more fans worldwide

The biggest retailer on planet Earth also sells your music via downloads and streams in all major music markets. Your music will be eligible for streaming to Amazon Prime members, 90 days after your release date.
Strength: Ubiquity. You can reach over 80 million people.
The on-demand streaming service everyone’s talking about. Spotify is available in over 20 countries with big plans to expand.
Strength: Reach. Your tracks join a catalogue of millions of songs, available for a rapidly growing user base.
Google’s entry into digital music covers downloads and streaming subscriptions.
Strength: Platform. Three words – Google, YouTube, Android. ‘Nuff said.