OFFICIAL JOINTZ provides anti-piracy services for all of our clients that own the rights to their music.

OFFICIAL JOINTZ furnishes producers, record labels, artists and DJ’s alike with the most effective methods to protect their releases from digital piracy and increase revenue.

24/7 Scanning of The Entire Internet & Removal of Any of Your Music from Fraudulent Sites

Protect your music from piracy Continuous scanning with automated DMCA sending Back catalogue protection Works for cyberlockers and torrent sites Removal from social media including VK, YouTube & SoundCloud Takedown of infringing results from Google & Bing Scrubbing of ClickScam sites Realtime statistics with fast takedowns

Watermarked Promo Delivery

Protect your music from piracy Inaudible watermark Uniquely traceable Extremely robust Works even after format conversion Easy to use promo delivery system Secure global fast delivery network (CDN) Can be delivered as WAV, MP3 or MP4