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Join our vast community of artist and labels alike.

  • Get paid what you deserve and keep 90% of your sales revenue.
  • Distribute and share your hits with the world with ease and swiftness
  • Share your music. Grow your fan base.

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We Track your Music!

Official Jointz is the only service that will let you know how your release is doing on the most popular platforms like iTunes, Shazam, Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal and more.

Real Tech Support

Official Jointz believes in taking care of its family members. Your Tech support family is there to help you when you need it. Whether it’s an issue with uploading music or simply asking for more info on how things work, simply reach out to us and tell us what you need.

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Sell Your Songs Globally

Finally, talented and passionate artist like you can bypass record labels and share your music with everyone. OFFICIAL JOINTZ Distribution helps you get your music into iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and over 130 digital stores You keep all of your rights and all of the money you earn.

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Let’s Really Get Your Music Promoted!

Are you tired of chasing after others in hopes of getting your music heard? You know once people hear what you’ve created, they will love it.At OFFICIAL JOINTZ we understand what it’s like to be independent and have very little support.

OFFICIAL JOINTZ was built on indie music back in the early 90’s.So we’ve learned a thing or two about promoting. When you join OFFICIAL JOINTZ you can access our vast array of promotional tools.

We have the relationships with the right partners who can help you boost your music’s digital visibility.
That’s just one of our very cool, very real and very Official promotional tools.

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Collect the appropiate Royalties & License Your Music

Your music has the potential to generate a dozen or more royalties when sold, streamed, or performed live. A publishing Administrator is needed to collect your funds . OFFICIAL JOINTZ Publishing Administrators collect all your royalties

Here are some examples of OFFICIAL JOINTZ Music Publishing services:

  • Collect money for you if your music was used in a film, TV, commercials or any other configuration
  • We team up with performing rights organizations (PROs) to collect more royalties
  • We register your music worldwide in 50+ countries Your Music rights are always 100% yours and yours alone.

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